Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving prt. 1

Hey everyone with just a few days until T-day I wanted to quickly make a vlog for you all and then recap AFTER the holiday. I'm still restructuring things and figuring a few things out, but know i'm in no way down or out. Just focusing on making new items. * im not releasing any photos yet on purpose

So heres the new video:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

new car

just touching base with everyone, sorry i have been a ghost lately but I think a resurrection is in order.
So if anyone is from LA or even familiar with LA you know that you NEED a car to even survive here.. Well ever since I made the horrible mistake to #1 sell my 240sx for a pick-up, and then the stupid mistake of selling the truck to get Sean's car back and use the rest of the money to fix-up his car ( that ultimately got taken by the Long Beach parking fairies, I have been with out a car since then and to say that it affected my life is BEYOND an understatement. But ladies and gents that time is over.. I just purchased a new car, its not a 240sx but it is the car that I can safely say i had the best times of my teenage years in, but this one has all the things my last one did not.  I'm going back to an SUV but imo one of the best SUV's out the  the Isuzu Rodeo!  A 1995 Isuzu Rodeo V6 4wd w/ alloy wheels, power everything!

heres a picture and video of my new baby.  who is safe and sound in her/ his ( havent decided yet ) under ground parking now.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

People I swear....

So one of the most annoying things in my life is the fact that I will bend over backwards for people, but I rarely get the same in return. If people were as dedicated to there friends as I am, things would get done.. There would little to no delays in anything, people would not go with out, and everyone would know what others are dealing with. Frustrated that I can't even get my co-worker to do me a favor, but I will at the drop of a hat help out my fellow man, dog, or stranger if I have the ability.... Why are people so fucked

*a couple hours later.... and now co-worker says he can help me out, maybe I write off people and situations too soon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So facebook keeps banning me for violations....ok! two can play that game

WHY did this happen again... I have started posting pictures of my friends who are all rubber puppies, and I guess a guy dressed in latex and wearing a dog mask violates their policies... There's no talking to them.. theres no getting a second look... theres no nothing they are F-ing nazi's about this.

So in protest I will be deleting my profile off facebook in the following weeks, and only leaving my fan page there EVERY THING else will move over here, to the blog.

I'm gonna be doing a weekly photo posting of hawt puppies, boys, slaves and more!!     I have some products that need to be reviewed, and since I get my video camera back from Ms. Ivy Thornton in a few days. I'll be able to start posting content again.  My goal is to make the blog as or more popular then my facebook page.  So for that I need your help people, can anyone think of interesting wats of getting lots of people to come to my blog??  I was thinking of doing some gorilla style advertising at all the events, some t-shirts, stickers, cum rags, maybe even my own lube... what say all of you.?

so lets let the party start..  here are the photos i already posted to Facebook **including the ones that spawned this:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

looking back make you a bit salty..

so the past few months have been touch and go, but looks like im getting it all handled.
the job is going just fine, although i need to work at not waiting til the last minute to leave, being more patient, putting more effort into my daily dress...

coming up week after next is fetish pride week here in LA.  theres a bunch of parties i plan on attending and soon down the road i have folsom, dore AND iml. my birthdays at the end of the month,  and i have my original puppy back... if not just for a lil while.  I moved into the cottage in the back of the place i just moved too as well. and there is a cute lil black lab puppy in the back yard that me and sean have been giving massive amounts of attention,.. prolly gonna bathe him in the morning.

i need to repair several pieces of latex i have, get new combat boots, a pair of CHP patrol men boots and a full duty belt.  i also wanna set up a work table, order some latex sheeting and start making some items.
been having an issue wearing my latex for longer periods the my skin has started to itch REALLY bad right after wearing to up to 2-3 days after ward in certain spots... just side note, as a result i think i'm gonna switch to j. lube powder inside my suits, and just polish with spray shine and use a skin moisturizer.

ok so onto the future.  i'm gonna start writing more often, one so i can get a bit better at formulating my thoughts into coherent READABLE structured pieces, and two because i have a really interesting sense of humor, the entire pop media universe has been my babysitter my entire life.  No i'm not kidding! My dad's idea of babysitting me was strapping me into my high chair giving me a bottle and putting me in front of cartoons or movies, or throw me in the car seat drive me around the block two or three times until i passed out.  **and i wonder why i fall asleep easily in cars! thanx dad.. lol

as of late i have been wanting to see if my stories are good. or if the thoughts in my head are actually marketable.  i've seen too many of my ideas show up a few years later and a shirt, or as a store, or some interesting product.  i got so tired of it that i stopped drawing, i stopped making art, i stop expressing myself. i deviated from my artistic course, i failed to do what i intended *not that i know what that really was anymore anyways*  but fuck it!  we're here, lets get back to what created me.

now where to start.

written- i know i have three stories that have been burning in my head for awhile.. and more if i throw fetich into it all.

drawn-  well drawn has always gotten me throw life.. although its really difficult coming up with the image i wanted, all the time.. and even more so of those i am willing to share.

stenciled-  DIFFERENT story.  i can generally get the image spot on, and sharing is the whole reason i choose that medium in the first place.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the loss of my dear friend

it is with a sad sad heart that i say this.
on the 14th of January 2012 my very dear friend, fellow pup and member of my pack... has passed. there was no note, so the real reason why he took himself may never be known. All that needs to be known is that he was loved by many even on his worst days, he was still my friend and will be sorely missed. i'm actually crying at the moment. i was invited up to him and his Sir's place just a couple months ago, and couldnt take the time off work. Now i wish i would have. i last saw him 3 days before halloween while i was in SF. we had a couple drinks, he even treated. He seemed happy... he seemed so happy.
RIP~ Anthony/ Copper

Saturday, December 17, 2011

a quick video for my *pervs* oops i meant fans.. lol

hey everyone just realy quick i was alone and feeling a need to play a bit so i recorded it and am sharing with you all.   ENJOY!

no pop up this time sorry...